“Out of Groceries” Quinoa

This recipe came about because I needed to eat dinner and these are the ingredients I could find in my kitchen. It’s easy to be tempted to ignore the miscellaneous things in the refrigerator on the day before grocery day but I hate wasting food so I try to challenge myself to make something out of what I have. I’m glad I did… this was really good! Quinoa is a super-star food because it’s good with almost any veggie.

1 c quinoa
1 bag baby carrots
2 leeks, chopped
1 16 oz container spinach, cut up into big shreds
Pistachios, shelled
Garlic powder, to taste
Salt & pepper, to taste

Cook 1 c quinoa according to package instructions. I put my quinoa in the pan on medium heat for about 5 min (before I add the water) to toast it, giving it a nuttier flavor.

While the quinoa is cooking, cook the carrots in a pan, just covering with water. When done, drain the water and chop the carrots. Set aside in a large bowl.

Sauté the leeks in a skillet. Sprinkle on a pinch or two of garlic powder if you prefer. When done, transfer to bowl with carrots.

When the quinoa is a few minutes from being done, add the spinach to the quinoa and let it wilt. When done, add the quinoa and spinach mixture to the bowl with the carrots and leeks. Add salt and pepper.

Serve garnished with pistachios. I would typically use pine nuts but I didn’t have any.

Now off you go to whip it up vegan!

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