Salsa Fresca

Need the perfect tailgating snack? Well, you’re welcome. Take my advice and make twice as much as you think you need… it’s that good! Serve it with chips or put it on nachos, tacos or inside a quesadilla. You can add or substitute ingredients to your liking. Use green chilies instead of jalapeños or add chickpeas and diced red pepper like my sister does. This is my favorite combo, though. What’s yours?

Tomatoes, diced
Black beans, drained & rinsed
Shoepeg corn (comes in a can), drained
Green onion, diced
Canned jalapeños, diced
Fresh cilantro, cut into small pieces
Fresh squeezed lime juice
Avocado, diced
Course sea salt, to taste
Tortilla chips (Scoops work well)

The quantity of ingredients are to your liking. I use more tomatoes than anything else. If using roma or regular tomatoes, remove seeds and messy insides then dice. If using cherry or grape tomatoes, just dice. Put them in a large bowl and add everything else except avocado. Add the avocado just before serving.

Now off you go to whip it up vegan!

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