Vanilla Bean Frosting

The cupcakes shown here are from my recipe for Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes with Fluffy Strawberry Frosting but instead of the strawberry frosting, I’ve topped them with vanilla bean frosting and strawberry garnish. When I make these cupcakes for kids I tend to use the strawberry frosting but when I make them for adults, I use this recipe. This is a fantastic go-to frosting that would work on almost any cake or cupcake.

8 T vegan butter
8 T coconut butter
1 ½ t vanilla
½ t almond extract
4 c powdered sugar
1 vanilla bean pod
Fresh strawberries for garnish

If you don’t have coconut butter, you can use all vegan butter. Earth Balance makes a coconut butter that comes in a blue tub. It’s near the butter in the grocery store.

An alternative to vanilla bean pods is vanilla paste. It has vanilla bean specks in it and you would use it in place of vanilla.

Beat butters. Add vanilla and almond extract. Beat well. Add half the powdered sugar, mix well. Add the other half and mix well. It should be fairly stiff. Slice open a vanilla bean pod and scrape out the inside into the frosting. Fold in the vanilla bean until mixed well. Allow cupcakes to cool completely before frosting.

Slice strawberries in half, retaining some of the stem. Right before serving the cupcakes, garnish each one with a strawberry half. Note: when the strawberry comes in contact with the frosting (because it has sugar in it), it will eventually begin to sweat so that’s why you want to put them on right before serving.

Now off you go to whip it up vegan!

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