Grilled Cheese

It’s the simple things in life, like grilled cheese, that make it so enjoyable. A vegan grilled cheese? Who knew it could be so good. This might be my new favorite sandwich.

Bread (I used Ezekiel sprouted whole grain), 2 pieces
Earth Balance vegan butter spread
Daiya cheddar cheese, sliced
Veggies, sliced thin (I used zucchini, tomato, green pepper, green onion, sunflower sprouts, and avocado)
Sea salt and pepper, to taste


Butter one side of each piece of bread with vegan butter.
Put one piece of bread in skillet on medium heat.
Put sliced vegan cheese on bread and top with veggies. Sprinkle a pinch or so of sea salt and a pinch of pepper over veggies. Top with other piece of bread, buttered side up.
Cook for a few minutes or until bread is golden brown and then flip and cook the other side the same.

Now off you go to whip it up vegan!

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