Quesadilla Verde

Just back from a business trip, my frig was looking pretty bare but I had enough ingredients to throw this together. It was actually so good I made it 3 nights in a row and put off getting groceries that much longer!

Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortilla
Daiya shredded cheddar “cheese”
Baby spinach
Herdez salsa verde
Sea salt & pepper

Spray a skillet with non stick spray and turn burner to medium heat.

Spread mashed avocado on tortilla. I use a generous amount (at least a half of a large avocado). Sprinkle “cheese” on and then top with baby spinach leaves. Sprinkle on a pinch of sea salt and pepper and let cook until bottom starts to brown. Use spatula to fold tortilla in half and remove from heat. Place on cutting board and use sharp knife to slice into 4 pieces. Serve with salsa verde for dipping.

Now off you go to whip it up vegan!

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