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I’m Janie and that’s me on the left in the kitchen with my sister when I was little. I grew up in small town Iowa and the kitchen is where I spent most of my time. Those were the days when we made a recipe out of the church cookbook and didn’t have the luxury of recipe reviews or online anything. Those were simpler times when you showed someone you were thinking about them by making them a casserole or a pie. At Christmas time, we delivered fresh homemade cinnamon rolls to the neighbors. Yes, neighbors actually knew each other! I spent summer days baking and probably called my mom fives times a day at work to ask her questions. “Mom, what’s oleo?”

IMG_0015 (3)

My passion for cooking and baking continued over the years and the kitchen has turned out to be my canvas; a way to express myself. I don’t claim to have spectacular recipes or anything fancy but I sure have fun whipping up good food to eat (that just happens to be vegan)!

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  1. Hi Janie!! I see your posts for “Whip It Up Vegan” on facebook and never connected that they were your recipes. My husband and I are embarking on the path to becoming vegan and I’m looking forward to checking out some of your recipes.

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